Pressure Formed Nursery Containers

Pressure Formed Nursery Containers

High Performance That's Sure to Please

A container composed of 100% enviromentally friendly recycled material gathered from post-consumer and post-industrial feed stocks. Materials can include milk jugs, detergenent, batteries, bottles of all kinds and even discarded nursery pots. This new technology does not sacrifice performance. It's a high-performance product that incorporates numerous durability features.

100% Recycled Material created from enviromentally friendly renewable energy

  • Rolled lip:  Easier to carry and less plant damage during transportation
  • Fluted bottom:  Makes for stronger bottom to accommodate stacking
  • Extra drain holes:  Better drainage because of no standing water
  • Bottom drain holes:  More attractive appearance and reduces weed growth vs. side holes
  • Strong container lip:  Easier to work with while filling containers during production and better for stacking plants for shipment. Allows for use of potting dispensers at potting, and for automated equipment and moving plants around in the nursery.

Name Trade Size Gallons Top Dia. - Height Approx. Truck Load Quantity Bundle Quantity Pallet Quantity
HP-075 Trade #1 0.64 6.5 x 6.6 378,560 Bulk/140 14,560
HP-100 Full #1 1.00 8 x 6.87 273,000 Bulk/150 18,500
HP-175 Trade #2 1.58 9 x 8.5 189,540 Bulk/135 7,290
HP-200 Full #2 2.00 9.75 x 9.13 156,000 Bulk/120 6,000
HP-275 10" Foliage 2.3 10.1 x 9.31 128,800 Bulk/100 4,600
HP-300 Full #3 3.0 11 x 9.69 93,600 Bulk/90 3,600